What is myLearn?

myLearn is an online learning platform for professionals. Any person, irrespective of their background, can buy courses and acquire knowledge, skills, and certification that are valuable for a professional career. Experts in various fields have created these courses and designed them to provide results at the work.


How will I learn on myLearn?

myLearn features several courses on a number of subjects that are vital for diverse careers.

These courses are divided into several small units, each of which features at least one video lecture and a set of practice questions. Using these questions, students can test their comprehension of a subject at every stage. If necessary, they can go through the materials of a unit again to ensure thorough understanding.

On myLearn, users have access to the learning materials of a course for a fixed period. During that period, they can go through those materials any number of times. These materials can be accessed at any time and from anywhere with just an Internet connection.


What can I learn on myLearn?

myLearn features several courses on a number of subjects that are vital for diverse careers. Many of the courses can help you focus on a specific career path such as management, finance, law, creative areas, STEM areas, and the social sector.

Browse through the various pathways to find the courses that are suited for specific career paths.


How can I earn a certificate on myLearn?

To earn a certificate, users enrolled in a course can take an online test, known as the Course Completion Test (CCT). To qualify for this test, a user has to complete more than 60% of all the tasks in a course. After that, a student can apply to take the test at a time slot that is convenient. Depending on the results of the test, a student will be given a certificate.


Can I get a degree or a diploma on myLearn?

No. myLearn does not provide degrees and diplomas. You may however receive certificates from myLearn depending on your performance in a course completion test.


What is the value of a certificate from myLearn?

A certificate from myLearn is proof of a student’s participation and performance in one of the courses on myLearn. Including this certificate in your curriculum vitae or on your LinkedIn profile helps establish that you have completed or excelled in a rigorous online course in a particular subject. It also provides evidence about your ability to set goals and accomplish them by yourself without any external supervision.


What do I get when I buy a course on myLearn?

On average, each course on myLearn will have at least ninety minutes of video and thirty practice questions. Practice questions feature answers as well as the reasoning for arriving at that answer.

Apart from this, myLearn will also send you printed reading materials for nearly all the courses.

Once you complete most of the tasks that are part of your course, you will be eligible to appear for a course completion test. Depending on your performance in this test, you may receive a certificate that has the potential to transform your career.


How much time does it take to do a course on myLearn?

Courses on myLearn are designed for maximum understanding in the least amount of time. The average course features less than 100 minutes of video and about forty practice questions. These courses can be completed in as little as a week if a user studies for more than two hours every day. However, since users have access to these courses for a much longer period, they can easily complete a course even if they study for only two hours every week.

This time can easily slip into the schedules of students with heavy course loads and young professionals with busy careers. A good way to approach a course on myLearn is to finish going through the learning materials quickly and then revise them again before applying to sit for the Course Completion Test.


How long will I have access to courses on myLearn?

You will have access to most courses on myLearn for 3 months.

Keep in mind that if you just put in 2 hours a day, the average course on myLearn can be completed within a week. You can quite easily go through all the learning materials and revise them twice before you apply for the course completion test.


How much do myLearn’s courses cost?

myLearn’s courses are priced so that a majority of Indian professionals can afford them. The price of a course can range from about Rs. 3000 to Rs. 6000.

Further, make sure you subscribe to myLearn’s email updates and keep an eye on our Facebook page so that you know when we are running any campaigns or offers. You can also save money if you take advantage of these offers.


How do I figure out which course to buy?

Among the pathways listed at the top left corner of the myLearn website, you can find one or more career paths that you would like to pursue. Each pathway will show you the courses that are suited for that purpose.


Are there any eligibility requirements to do a course on myLearn?

There are no eligibility requirements. Any person can enrol for a course on myLearn.


Can I pay for a course in installments?

No, you cannot pay us in installments. However, the EMI option on your credit card may permit you to pay in installments. Please check with your credit card bank.


I don't like the course I have purchased. Can I get a refund?

We do not refund any courses you have already purchased. Please get in touch with us at learn@mylearn.co and we will try and address your problems as best as we can.

What do I need to be able to do a course on myLearn?

You can complete a course on myLearn if you have a basic computer with a standard Internet connection. We recommend the following system spcifications: 


Do I need a fast Internet connection to do a course on myLearn?

No you do not. In fact, some of our courses have been completed over mobile Internet connections. However, for a completely smooth experience, we recommend that you access the learning materials on a <> Internet connection.

How do I join a course on myLearn?

You can easily purchase a course or enroll in it from the page where you read all the details about the course. Just click on the “Take this course” button and you will then be led to a set of pages where you can register, set a password, and pay for the course using a range of online payment methods.

Once you have done that, the course will appear on your “My Courses” page after you log in. You will see the “My Courses” button near the top right hand corner of the myLearn website. Clicking on that button will lead you to the My Courses page.

All you have to do then is to activate the course and then click on “Go To Class”. You will be taken to your classroom where you can then access all the materials of the course.


I cannot find the courses that I have enrolled in? Where do I look?

All the courses that you have ever enrolled in will appear on your “My Courses” page. You can go to that page when you click on the “My Courses” button, which appears near the top right hand corner on all pages of the website. The course will be listed there and you can directly go to a classroom and start learning by clicking on the “Go to class” button.


What are the different learning materials in a myLearn course?

Each course on myLearn is divided into several units. Each unit has one or more videos and a set of practice questions. In addition to that, there may be printed reading material that corresponds to these units and will be sent to our students. While learning on myLearn, we expect students to go through all of these different materials.


In what order should I start learning from the materials?

You will ordinarily have to complete watching the videos that are part of a unit and then move to the practice questions to test your understanding of these videos. If there are reading materials, you should read them before you attempt the practice exercises. The course will usually recommend this order of completing tasks in your classroom.


I have a doubt about one of the concepts discussed in a video. Who can I ask?

As you learn from a course on myLearn, it is only natural to have questions or require clarifications about something in the videos, the reading materials, or the reasoning adopted in one of the practice questions. Any of those questions can be posted on the Discussion Forum for your course, which is on the right side of your classroom. Our faculty will survey the forum regularly to answer any unanswered queries.


Can I take notes while learning?

Notes are a good way of recording your understanding of the concepts taught in the videos. You can also use your notes to reduce your understanding to the most relevant points. We recommend that you use the “Add Notes” feature to take notes while watching the videos. Your notes can be tagged to a specific point in the video’s timeline. This means that your notes will automatically contain references to those parts of a video that you found relevant.


I took a lot of notes while I was watching the videos. Where can I find them?

If you used the “Add Notes” feature to take notes as you watched the videos, you can browse them on the right side of your classroom, under the ‘Notes’ tab. You can segregate them according to different units of the course and also download them.


I was not able to complete my course in 3 months. What are my options?

You can rejoin the course or extend the period of access on payment of a fee. Please get in touch with us at learn@mylearn.co for extension of access.


I enrolled for a free course. Why have I not received the books yet?

When you join a free course on myLaw, you will not receive the books that are part of the course. You will also not be able to qualify to attempt the CCT.

What is the course completion test?

The Course Completion Test is an online test to evaluate a student’s performance in course. It comprises several multiple-choice questions and happens on a testing platform called Mettl. The test has to be attempted online using a computer with the webcam turned on. Those taking the test will not be allowed to consult any books or other literature or switch to a web browser window or consult any online material. Depending on a person’s performance in the CCT, he or she will receive a certificate from myLearn.


Do all courses on myLearn have a course completion test (CCT)?

No, all course on myLearn do not have a CCT. Typically, all courses on myLearn, except the free courses, have a CCT.


Who can attempt the course completion test?

Only those who have enrolled in a course on myLearn can attempt the CCT for that course. Among those, only those students who have completed 60% of the tasks in a course for which a CCT is available, qualify to write the test.


Why should I attempt the CCT?

If you write the CCT, you stand a chance to earn a certificate from myLearn as proof of your participation and performance in one of myLearn’s courses. It can be a career-transforming certification because you have completed or excelled in a rigorous online course in a particular subject and because it provides evidence about your ability to set goals and accomplish them by yourself without any external supervision.


How can I apply to write the CCT?

In nearly all the courses on myLearn, you can write the CCT if you have completed 60% of the tasks in that course. Once you complete these tasks, an “Apply for CCT” button will start appearing in your classroom. On clicking on that button, you will receive a form. You can choose a convenient date and time at which you want to take the test, upload valid photo identification, and submit your application.


What should I do before attempting the CCT?

After you apply for the CCT, you will receive an email inviting you to participate in a demo. Make sure you set aside time to become familiar with Mettl, the testing platform on which the CCT will be conducted. You will have to attempt the test online using a computer with the webcam turned on. You will not be allowed to consult any books or other literature. You will not be allowed to switch to a browser window or consult any online material.

You should prepare for the CCT thoroughly by going through all the videos, reading material, and practice exercises. Take the test calmly and sincerely, having spent enough time preparing for it.


I no longer have access to the course because the access period (3 months) has expired. Can I still give the CCT?

Yes, you can.

You can access each course for a period of three months. If you have not attempted the CCT within this time, you can re-join the course or extend access by making an additional payment. You can attempt the CCT during that extended period.

To re-join a course, please write to us at learn@mylearn.co.


How many times can I attempt the CCT?

You only have one attempt to pass the CCT during the access period (3 months) of the course.

After the access period, if you choose to re-join the course or extend the access period by paying an additional fee, then you will get one more chance to attempt the CCT within the extended access period.

My company wants myLearn’s courses for its employees. How can we get them?

When you purchase a “For Business” license from myLearn for your organization, people from the organization (such as a human resources manager or a head of learning and development) will have access to a dashboard that lets them assign courses to team members, determine their period of access and track their use of the courses assigned.

When you assign a course to team member, you can determine the period of access up to a maximum of 6 months (the standard period is 3 months).


How is the “For Business” plan different from the individual account on myLearn?

Our For Business plan is designed for teams and organizations. Instead of purchasing courses one by one on myLearn, “For Business” is an enterprise package that allows managers and L&D teams to curate and order specific courses for their teams and their organization. Managers and HR administrators will also get access to a dashboard to manage their team and their learning plans, track their progress and receive analytics on their performance and use.


How long is myLearn’s “For Business” license valid?

It is valid for one year from the time of purchase.


Can my organization add more courses and users during the license period?

Yes, your organization can purchase new licenses and increase the number of course licenses to your account anytime during the year. Your organizational license will be upgraded automatically.


How should my organization pay for the licenses?

You can pay online using a credit or debit card. We also accept cheques and bank transfers. Please contact us at learn@mylearn.co for more payment related information.


Ours is a small team. What is the least number of courses that we can get as part of the “For Business” plan?

The For Business Plan is meant for groups of 25 or more courses. If you have a smaller team or more limited learning requirements, you can purchase individual accounts on myLearn for each member of your team.


Do you provide integration with our company’s intranet or LMS?

Yes, we integrate all the popular off-the-shelf LMSs as well as HRMS platforms. Please contact our team (at learn@mylearn.co) to check if integration is available for your LMS/HRMS.


Is there a cost for the integration?

Please contact us at learn@mylearn.co for more details.


Do we get an account for administrator or managers?

Yes, we give up to 5 administrator accounts, depending on the number of licenses purchased.


What happens to a license, if an employee leaves the organization or a new employee joins the organization during the licence period?

You can reassign an unused license for an employee to another employee, but only if the course hasn’t been started (activated). You can purchase a new license for a new employee any time during the license period, and the new license(s) will be valid for 12 months from the date of purchase.


Can a license be transferred to another employee?

Yes, but only if the employee hasn’t started (activated) the course.


Do employees get a course completion certificate upon completing a course?

For courses where there is a Course Completion Test (CCT), learners can earn a course completion certificate upon successfully completing the CCT. For courses which don’t have a CCT, no certificate is awarded.


Where is the Course Completion test conducted?

The Course Completion Test is conducted online, on a secured platform and can be taken at anytime and from anywhere.


What’s the maximum time within which a learner has to take the Course Completion Test?

1 month from the date of activation of the course. We keep this time period shorter to ensure better learning outcomes. However, as an enterprise client you can increase (or shorten) the period of access to a course for any employee that it is assigned to.


When we purchase a For Business License, do all learners in my company have to take the same course (s)?

No. You can curate a unique combination of courses or pathway for each employee or learner and assign each learner a different course.

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