He who does not know can know from learning

NEA ONNIM NO SUA A, OHU (Andrika Symbol)

A logical statement, but unfortunately, a paradox in our times where learning has rapidly become inaccessible while information becomes free.

Our Board

Essaji Vahanvati

Lawyer & Private Investor


Chief Growth Officer,



Ex Lawyer & Entrepreneur



Cyril Amarchand Mangaldas


Learning is now lifelong and cannot be an option.

A simple mission, but a highly complicated task. We now live in an era of lifelong learning where we cannot afford to merely sit back on a degree or certification we obtained years, or decades ago. With increasing competition and need for professional talent and skills, anyone seeking to build a career anywhere will need to continuously learn throughout their career. This becomes all the more acute given the state of higher education systems that struggle to keep pace given the twin problems of contemporary content and a widening teaching deficit. This scenario is only compounded further by an employment problem (with no easy solutions) and a new economic reality for businesses across the board.

This is clearly not an easy area to disrupt or create improvements at scale, but it is imperative that we do so. And the necessary absence of one magic pill (or model) will require the intertwining of new systems of learning with traditional systems of teaching and certification. Answers to the problems will involve pulling together solutions involving technology, design, marketing, assessment, and content creation to create more outcome-focussed learning products.

We, at myLearn, are seeking to provide an answer to this challenge by building out a scalable learning platform that is:
i) Short Format oriented to ensure flexibility and learning outcomes;
ii); Horizontal Learning Areas driven (finance, regulation, communication etc.) to ensure broad based learning options; and
iii) B2B focussed (including a Business Dashboard) to ensure companies can deploy learning resources effectively and for the benefit of the professionals working with them.
And using this platform we hope to provide effective learning products to working professionals and corporates everywhere.

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